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Bo Hai Bao (Senior Lawyer)

Graduated from East China Institute of Political Science and Law, who is Shanghai Judicial Bureau advanced individual and one of top 10 lawyers in HongKou district. He has been engaged in lawyer career for more than 10 years, has gained plentiful professional work experience, and has ever delegated domestic and foreign famous cases:

Taiwan Singer Star Tong An Ges singing concert collaboration dispute.

Bigwig Huang Jinrong clans legacy agreement witness of bygone Shanghai

Zhao Zhang Guang, domestic famous haldhead-cured expert, suited Shanghai No.2 Military Surgeon University Zhaohui pharmaceutical factory investment collaboration dispute

ChinaThailand box dual meet collaboration dispute

Commercial fraud case of consumer suited Shanghai No.1YAOHAN New Century commercial apartment.

Sleepless cities No.76area transferring project negotiation

Draft complete setting legal document of Hainan Zhong Hui joint stock Co., Ltd.

Insurance old-case of AIA company

He can be engaged in securities legal business, which through China SAIC and Judicial Ministrys examination and approval.

The clients conclude: Sound of Pu Jiang Radio Station, Shanghai Jingwen Investment Company, Shanghai people congress service center,Fo Shan DuPont Hongji film Co. Ltd.Modern Industry and Commerceand some other organizations of enterprises and institutions

Main social duties:

Editor of China Securities Almanac ,

Committee member of finance research of Shanghai Bar Association,

Deputy to the Peoples Congress of Hongkou district in Shanghai,

Member of the standing committee of youths union of Hongkou district in Shanghai.

Chen Pei Xin lawyer:

Lawyers of Level 3, graduated from East China Institute of Political Science and Law, he is engaged in lawyer career from 1986, gained securities law professional qualification through China SAIC and Judicial Ministrys examination and approval. He deals with various legal cases for ten occupational years. And have held brief for Zhang Shu Zhi and her daughter who falling from bridge Xi Wei Cheng paying back insuranceBao Steel industrial and trading gross companys loan warranty.

Some cases have a certain social effect, such as: Successively assume the office of several ten enterprises and institutionsperennial legal counsel such as :Shanghai Bao Steal industrial and trading gross company subordinated to Bao Steel groupShanghai Bao Steel new-undertaking development gross company commercial and trading centerShanghai Xing Yan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.Shanghai Bao Rong International Container Co., Ltd. He possess plentiful cases, handling experience and sturdy theoretical knowledge, and is expert in security and finance legal affairs real estate legal affairsgross and complicated criminal civil economical and IP cases.

Hu Yao Di

Lawyer: lawyer of level 3,economist title. He has been engaged in lawyer career from 1988. He is expert in IP and enterprises legal affair, and research real estate and criminal law to a certain degree, his issues published in Literaturespecial column Law and Culture and other jurisprudence magazines successively, he hold the post of more than ten foreign-joint enterprises, foreign-capital enterprises and domestic enterpriseslegal counsel. He provides legal service for foreign-joint enterprises and domestic enterprisesrestructure and dismissal.